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It’s with nothing that the Slayte was designed by Linebox Studio, a local architecture firm.

It’s also encouraging to see this policy change happen. But fundamentally what remains a problem is tube time/effort involved for what is, in effect, a renovation. We had a project to convert 2 floors (of 24) from office to residential (rest of tower is already rental residential). $60k in planning app, plus $2-300knin studies and reports and 8 months of planning review killed the project. While it’s nice to see these changes: why is ANY storm water management planning? Why is there a $30k app fee? Why do we need to rezone (as opposed to amending zoning and making residential a permitted use as of right across the board?). We should be implementing an incentive program (we could call it a CIP...) to encourage conversations that include measurable housing affordability.

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